W. Channel

Welcome to Diamond Wedding W.CHANNEL!  Our Chief Wedding Planner Theresa W. is here share you some wonderful and useful Wedding stories and information.



Planner Sharing – family meeting 高層會議有乜傾?

決定結婚了!是時候約齊兩家人出來食餐飯、見下面啦!但成餐飯流流長,有乜好傾啊?快D睇下Wedding Planner Theresa 有乜Tips醒你啦!


Wedding Venue Site Visit – Hong Kong Peninsula

婚宴場地參觀 – 半島酒店

唔想搵婚宴場地左撲右撲?等Wedding Planner Theresa 喺度帶大家網上睇場啦!今次,我們帶大家去參觀五星級婚宴場地 – 香港半島酒店:





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